Monday, June 06, 2005

a little update

I just returned from a business trip to Bangkok, so I did not have enough time to paint or build anything recently.
Still, I managed to squeeze in a much needed pinning (I hate it because my pinvise always slips and I have only so many fingers...) and basing session for my next confrontation army :
- S'erum
- 3 ophidian slaves
- Firebrand Ogre
and incidentally a Lara Croft figure from Hasslefree on a specially prepared plaster base.
Hope to get some pictures up soon..

Also, I will have to prepare for the upcoming HADD (Hirst Arts Design Derby) to be held in August; I was hoping for Bruce to finish the last Egyptan mould so that I could finally place an order but nothing seems to come...
What could I build for HADD ?
So far I have never missed this competition; I never won but came in second once...
wait and see


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