Thursday, January 07, 2016

Looking back on 2015

The main event was definitely Sir Peter Jackson's call for NZ volunteers to paint the 5,000 figures required for the new museum he sponsored: My modest share was 50 Turkish soldiers...and I am quite proud of being featured in a national museum! This project renewed my interest in painting miniatures and I promptly rediscovered the joy of painting. Here are the highlights of my painted figurines for the last year: First, my figures for Malifaux 2E:
Sonnia Criid & Purifying Flame
Samael Hopkins

Witchling Stalkers & Death Marshalls
Hog Whiperer & Warpigs
Lady J Crew 1
Lady J Crew 2
Joss & Marcus proxies
Sabertooth Cerberus
Razorspine Rattler
Lady Justice
Myranda proxy
Hoarcat proxy
Cojo proxy
Various trees on 50mm base
Waldgeist proxies

I started playing Malifaux 2E this year, participated in a tournament in July and will take part in another soon.

Others figures here and there:

Battle standard (Rackham flag)

Nice Succubus (Heresy Miniatures)

Falconers of Alahan (Rackham)

Golem (Helldorado) / Dragyri (Dark Age) / Fire Elemental (Helldorado)

Dancer (Helldorado)

Ice Troll (Degra)

Demons de la Luxure (Fenryll)

Minotaure (Mortebrume)

Esprit de la foret (Mortebrume)

Warriors of Avaggdu (Rackham)

Steampunk chap (Rackham custom)

The Judge (Wyrd)

Giant Snake (Otherworld)

Skellies (Mantis)

Raging Heroes

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A call from Sir Peter Jackson

Hello folks, Yes, you read it right: I was part of a group of volunteers helping Peter Jackson (LOTR and the Hobbit, anyone?) create an enormous diorama of the battle of Chnuk Bair (part of the 1915 Gallipoli campaign). An entire museum is dedicated to WWI : with a substantial contribution from Sir Peter Jackson. The New Zealand room features a diorama of 54mm figures: 5,000 soldiers, Turks and Kiwis (a few Brits as well), assembled. painted by volunteers throughout New Zealand between February and April 2015. I was happy to paint 50 Turkish soldiers, mostly charging poses (see pictures below): One of the volunteer coordinators, Roly, had the surprise of a custom made figure in his image! Guess who that might be? As you can see, the minis were designed and sculpted by non other than the famous Perry Bros, who came over to work with us Wellington volunteers on the figures and diorama setup at Weta Studios. We had a few nice chats, meals and drinks in typical relaxed Kiwi atmosphere. Peter Jackson himself spent a few hours with us, what a treat!


It has been 5 years since I settled in New Zealand and I barely had time to paint miniatures or build terrain. However, i did paint the odd mini here and there and will attempt to post pictures. First off, I managed to finish the last 4 Basti Miniatures (Wargods) I had set aside for a while, slightly modify existing ones and created a custom 3-tier base for displaying them all:
And here is what it looks like in my display cabinet: