Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Back from holidays

I've been away in France for a couple of weeks and just came back. I brought home a few goodies as always : some Rackham figures (sessair archers, ophidian slaves...) and a few rare finds ordered at Battlefield Berlin in Germany (Reaper egyptians, Freebooter's Lara, Shadowforge, Mars Ultor etc..)
I barely started pinning a few of those figs (ophidians and archers).
Also, I missed the deadline to submit pictures to the HADD 6 contest, which saddens me a little since I had participated in the previous 5 events...:( But inspiration was not on my side anyway and i had been racking my brain in vain in search of some original ideas of buildings.
On the upside, i have participated in a miniature contest (see below) and although I did not win anything, i was promised a few goodies for participating :)
Dark Age has also sent some nice freebies to all demo teams and we will be organizing demos with Scott "Shinobi" for 2 upcoming conventions (Wolfcon @ Amcorp mall in october and Gamecon 1 @ Midvalley Megamall, both in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and will have to paint up a few figures before that...
Also, Gamecon 1 will see the first Rackham demos and figure displays and I kinda promised to build some terrain for that. Will have to think hard !
Ok, so what you really want to know is : what new pictures can I post on this blog ?
The answer is : a new egyptian obelisk display that I had finished just before my trip to France; I was hoping to buy a new camera last weekend and to shoot some nice pics but both the haze (aargh !) and the "no stock, boss" syndrom kept me from fulfilling my duty so that i'll have to take my old camera again...
i'll keep you posted !


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