Friday, January 13, 2006

Looking back at 2005

When I started this blog in May last year, I had in mind a website where I could simply showcase some of my painted miniatures with a relevant comment here and there.
This project turned out to be much more than that : it became a log of everything hobby related including terrain, moldmaking, convention etc.. and best of all it added a little discipline to my otherwise erratic paint schedule. With this blog, I can see some progress in mastering painting techniques, and I can reach certain goals of finishing specific ranges of minis or terrain in time for a deadline; thus greatly enhancing my productivity.
Let's face it : I'll never paint as fast as I can buy minis, because there's always something new out there that I "need" to have, but at least I can record my progress..
So far, what have I accomplished in the past 8 months ?
A staggering total of 38 minis and miscellaneous terrain pieces ! That is almost 5 minis per month and more that one per week !
Logically, I should be able to do the same in 2006, maybe even better !
The most popular figs were Rackham (16), Dark Age (7), Excalibur (5) and Fenryll (4) + misc.
2006 starts well with 3 figs in the first 2 weeks and 2 more on the workbench to be finished by the end of the month.
Again, my focus will be mostly on Rackham and Dark Age figures : Rackham because I need to field a fully painted 400 Points army with a lot of options of Kelt Sessairs (maybe 20 figs) and maybe take on some Dirz or Ophidians as well; I'll have to help my 10 year old son to paint his newly acquired Wolfen...
For Dark Age, I will need to paint up some Skarrd for the upcoming St Mary's vs Skarrd book cause my friend Scott will want to try that out, and to fleshen my honourable Forsaken army.
The rest is open...
Cheers and happy New Year for all who have followed my blog adventures !


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