Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Connection problems

I have been plagued by a poor internet connection these last 2 weeks, so I was unable to update this blog.
I managed to paint 4 more Pirates from Black Scorpion Miniatures (I have 12 now) + 1 from Magnificent Egos.
Also, I finished painting a Priestess of Bast to complete my range of Crocodile Games Miniatures.
Finally, I couldn't resist painting 2 OOP Fomor Sirens from Celtos.
The good news is that I finally laid my hands on a decent matte varnish spray (GW)which enabled me to dull the shiny aspect of my figures : I'll retake the last pictures as soon as I can and will post all of the new stuff hopefully next weekend..
Next on my workbench are 4 beautiful figures from little known (undeservingly so !) Australian manufacturer Maidenhead Miniatures : they are already based on 40mm or 50mm round bases from Wolvesbane and Kerr & King. They are slightly larger than other figures (I ll' have to measure, but my guess is closer to 35mm than 32mm). They will be undercoated white tonight...


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