Monday, January 12, 2009

A New Year has started

As usual, it is time to put down my brush and to start reviewing the accomplishments of the previous year, 2008.

I managed to paint no less than 65 figures, which is a new record for me ! It makes an average of 5 to 6 figures a month which is quite decent.

The most figures were painted for Black Scorpion (16), Crocodile Games (12) and Ilyad Games (7). The rest is divided among Reaper (6), Rackham (5), Maidenhead (4), Eureka (4), Fenryll (2), Celtos (2), Dark Age (2), Mars Ultor (2), Shadowforge (1), Ebob (1), and Magnificent Egos (1).

The main themes were Pirates (21) and Egyptian Basti (12).

The "newcomer" of the year was Ilyad Games with 7 painted figures, and a lot more to come !

So what is next ?
Thanks to good sales of different figures on ebay, I was able to increase my miniature budget substantially and bought a lot of figures towards the end of 2008 to take advantage of Xmas sales and a low Pound Sterling !
So there could be :
- Celtos figures (Gaels mostly)
- Ilyad games figures
- Black Scorpion pirates (I have to finish them all)
- Reaper Miniatures
- Crocodile Games ( Olympos figures)
- Heresy figures
- Fenryll
- Bronze Age (some nice pirates there !)

On the immediate agenda are 3 more figures from Ilyad, 1 from Bronze Age.
I just finished 2 mini dioramas on a 60mm base of Maidenhead figures and Celtos, an evil treeman from Fenryll, and a nice female warrior from Celtos. I might reserve the finished figures for a contest and actually expected a Femme Fatale contest to start in January, but instead Wyrd decided to start off the year with the 6th edition of the Iron Painter !
I'm not too fond of this contest because I'm not yet ready to compete on themes like OSL, gold NMM etc..
I'm also thinking of changing my camera, I'll have to improve my photo skills and maybe try my hand at photoshop or paint shop pro to make some better pictures for contests and for this blog of course.
Let's wait and see ! Cheers !


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