Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Lara, Lara...

Ok so I got a little carried away last night and tried to rush through painting my mini tombraider diorama.
Basecoat of white for a change and typical Lara Croft colours on shirt and shorts... it looks awful so far but I hope I can learn to handle my new Vallejo paints (remember to thin a lot and apply several coats !); I'm not totally convinced that they are better than my regular hobby paints.
Anyway, I found a worthy opponent while in Bangkok : a 25mm brass mini (the kind they sell near temples) of a cobra in an aggressive upright pose ! the size is right and will be an ideal target for Lara's guns provided I know how to paint it.
A little research on the net provided me with a few pictures of the Egyptian cobra (that's really the name !) that I'll try to replicate.
Will I have enough time to paint up something before the weekend ?


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