Friday, August 26, 2005

a new project

I have started building the Egyptian dungeon featured on Hirst Arts and finished the first tile (still have to paint it though)and realized that I had to make a mold to avoid casting the same floor tiles over and over again.
So I rolled up my sleeves and made 3 silicon molds, one of which a 3*3 and 1*3 is a success an the other two a total failure since I did not add enough catalyst to cure the rubber so it never cured... I had to clean up the gooey mess to reclaim my masters and in one case threw it all away !!! what a waste !
Will try again this weekend...
Anyway, the good news is that i finally got around to buying a new camera : Canon Powershot S2 IS which was to be my 2004 X-Mas present, then my B-day present and finally a desperate move. I have barely shot a few pictures (no time and bad weather (haze)) but the one excellent feature I bought it for is the ability to take super-macro shots at 0cm distance meaning immediately at the edge of the lense. This will be excellent for my miniature shots !
Needless to say, all new pictures on this blog will come from my new camera.


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