Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I have been quiet for one month, not really due to a vow of silence, but because I was kept so busy at work that I was simply too tired to work much on the different projects that normally occupy me.
Now, I'm back !
so what's new ? First I bought some new supplies in order to try making some artificial water for the egyptian dungeon fountain pieces that still need to be built. I have a trial piece though and will see if I can use the new transparent resin on it sometime soon.
The next thing on my mind is the Halloween contest at www.wyrd-games.net/ for which i'm preparing a very special diorama and maybe one or two painting submissions. It is in the final stage and I will be posting WIP or sneak peek pictures this weekend but not the final ones since they are reserved for the contest itself.
Also, i have finished painting a rackham gargoyle : pictures have to be retaken and will be posted by the weekend, because I hope to get nice comments on them...
The next project involves painting some Skarrd minis for the Dark Age game demos that Scott and myself will be hosting at Gamecon 1, the very first Malaysian game convention... Scott started working on a terrain board with a sandy desert look and i promised to work on some ruin pieces based on discarded CDs...


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