Monday, August 28, 2006

Shame on me !

No news for June, July and August !
Explanation : Wife and kids left Malaysia in June and we were busy arranging for the move as well as finding a new place for me in KL.
July was devoted to moving in and 2 small trips in the area (Cambodia and Thailand), and finally in August did I manage to set up my new "atelier".
We had a couple of Dark Age games in the weekends that I won gracefully, so I decided to go ahead and resume painting a maximum of Forsaken or Skarrd figures before the next shipment comes in.
5 Buzzblades are waiting on my table and should be done in the coming days.

On the order front, I'm waiting for some Wargods miniatures (Basti for Aegyptus, and Myceneans for Olympus) as well as some epoxy bases from an Australian company named Wolvesbane that look promising.


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