Monday, June 27, 2005

a few stats

so far so good : keeping a blog has helped me focus on new projects and finish those that were in the pipeline for some time.
In 2 months since starting the blog, I managed to make :

- 1 diorama
- 1 mould
- 19 figures including a snake

Among the figures, 7 are for Confrontation, 2 for Dark Age and the rest for fun..
Ok, some of the figures were already done but were waiting for the finishing touches, but still, i think I can be proud of what I achieved.

In the next few weeks, I need to work more on diorama pieces than on minis : the annual Hirst Arts Design Derby is coming up in August and I haven't started anything yet !
I ordered some new Egyptian moulds from Bruce, so that i'll have to work on an Egyptian dungeon after HADD 6.
Regarding minis, i should concentrate on taking on more Kelt Sessairs for Confrontation and tackle S'Erum before buying more Ophidians.
Dark Age will be needing a new demo at the end of summer and I would need to start on the Warwind, the twins etc.. in order to change tactics for the game and because a new order is on the way as well as freebies, all feeding the pipeline !
also, I was toying with the idea of entering this painting contest : just for fun, of course. I don't really believe I can win anything, but there are plenty of random prizes !


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