Wednesday, October 19, 2005

So many pictures...

did I take last weekend (maybe 4 or 500 ?)taking full advantage of the super macro mode of my new camera. This function is excellent by the way, but it comes with a serious drawback : you can see all the tiny imperfections on painted minis...
Anyway, why are there no new pictures ?
Simply because I entered the best in the contest hosted by Wyrd-games and that i'll wait untill early november to put them on the blog or else I might be "disqualified".
I entered 2 dioramas and 3 single minis
Diorama 1 is a face off of 2 flying creatures about a pumpkin (it fits the halloween theme)
Diorama 2 is a castle piece with a falsely quiet scene...I will say no more
The 3 minis are a banshee, a Ghost and the Rackham gargoyle.
In the meantime I worked on the ruin CDs for the Dark Age demos and spraypainted all 3 in black.
Next project : painting Skarrd ! Scott suggested a purple grey scheme; let's see how it goes...


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